Herbal Consultation

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Herbal Consultation

Among the many schools of thought in herbal medicine; Traditional Western Herbalism is a practice that recognizes both the science and the energetics of health. Traditional Western Herbalists study imbalances in the body, the dynamic processes of the human body, and formulate their own remedies. Medicinal plants are used for their chemical constituents, nutritional value and holistic properties. Human health is seen as a balancing act between the unique qualities of an individual's body and patterns in imbalances they encounter. This approach is based in an understanding of Tissue States, humors (blood, bile, phlegm, lymph) and organ systems. A Tissue State assessment identifies imbalance in the body in terms of deficiencies and excesses, tissue tension and tissue quality (hot/cold, wet/dry) as well as evaluating organ system function. The Herbalist chooses herbs to re-balance the state of body's tissues, with a return to homeostasis as the goal. Traditional Western Herbalism uses the synergy within herbal formulas to address many imbalances in the body at once. Chronic imbalances are worked through in layers and take time to resolve.


Jean works with herbal medicine in various forms such as; tincture, tea, infused oil and salve form, often made with herbs she has grown and prepared herself. She creates formulas that maximize the synergy of herbs to address many imbalances in the body at once. Working with chronic imbalances, the focus of her practice is to progress through layers of causal and conditional issues, taking the time necessary to guide her client's constitutional patterns back into alignment with optimal health.


Before your Herbal Consultation session with Jean, you will have the opportunity to complete an intake survey, which helps paint a comprehensive portrait of your health. At your first meeting, you'll discuss this survey, and your wellness goals, and Jean will make a thorough Tissue State assessment of your constitution and current imbalances in the body. She will then open a conversation about your individual healing process, about diet and lifestyle changes that support wellness, and about herbal medicine tailored to your needs. With a goal of making these healing practices as accessible as possible, Jean will provide guidelines and information about healing protocols, and recommend herbal formulas you can purchase directly from her or learn to make yourself. Herbal medicine is a gentle healing modality, and Jean looks forward to working with you over time as chronic imbalances improve.



I am not a medical doctor. Information provided on this web site is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. 

Herbal Consultation 


She is able to put together a big picture view of your health and use herbs that will impact, address and encompass your entire health rather than just one ailment. She not only delights in the herbs themselves, but also matching herbs to your constitution. She is attentive to your lifestyle and creates a plan that is actionable and effective.

Her recommendations have helped accelerate my healing both by directly addressing symptoms and by providing a personalized profile of herbs to encourage balance.

We’ve been working together for about 6 months. I’ve noticed a big improvement in gut health and am, through her guidance, becoming more skilled at identifying and using herbs to help as problems arise. Just as important, I am more aware of herbs to avoid in light of my tissue state.

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