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Fresh Milky Oats in nervous system recovery and rewiring

Fresh milky oats (Avena sativa) tincture is one of the most beneficial and frequently used herbs in my practice. It is just as useful in my spirit work practice as it is in my clinical herbal practice. It is gentle, highly affective and restorative to the emotional foundation.

What is milky oats? This is the same oat that goes into oatmeal and anything else made with oats. While the oats are growing, and before they are mature, they will enter the milky stage, which lasts for about a week. At this point of growth, if you squeeze the oat a milky sap is revealed. This “milk” is food for your nervous system. It is literally what your nervous system needs to rebuild nerves.

When might this be useful? Obviously after an injury where nerves were damaged. Less obviously might be when someone has suffered a trauma, great or small, or been through times of anxiety or chronic stress. Or, when you are working hard to develop a new habit, leaving an old one behind. Developing a new neuropathway with a new behavior or habit takes time. Probably at least a month. So, adding in the support of milky oats will help the physical aspect of nerve pathway rebuilding.

After spirit work sessions where my client has been cleared of an influencing energy, there is still the old neuropathway that exists. Its up to my client to decide what their new thought pattern and behavior will be and to work every day on overriding the old one with the new. We will work out some ways to do this, and my client goes home with this homework. Adding milky oats can help these neuropathways develop more quickly and easily for them.

The great thing about milky oats, is it does not interact with any medications and is safe for young and old to take. It is a food category herb.

Milky oats must be preserved during this one week time frame in order to be affective. Dried oats won’t work. Tinctures allow for us to preserve the oats at exactly the right time.

To take a tincture, put your dose in a glass with a little bit of water or juice and drink. If you are concerned about the alcohol, put your dose in a mug, add a splash of hot water and let sit for 5 minutes. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate off. Then add some water or juice and drink (and maybe an ice cube, hot tincture isn’t my favorite!).

Some other traditional indications and qualities of milky oats:

  • for mood swings, anxiety, nervous exhaustion

  • for fatigue, chronic stress

  • analgesic

  • the nervine of all nervines!

  • inhibits action of pro-inflammatory cytokines (helps pain from inflammation)

  • trophorestorative (food for the nervous system)

  • for addiction recovery

  • nourishing tonic

  • reproductive tonic

  • Eclectic physicians used it for lack of libido.

  • The tincture I make is gluten free.

I make gallons of this tincture to make sure I have a supply for the year. While I harvest the plant and make the medicine, I work with the spirit of the plant and put intention into the medicine. When the entire process is filled with intention and gratitude that becomes medicine too.

Interested in buying Fresh Milky Oat tincture? Send me an e-mail, I can ship it to you or if you are local you can pick it up.



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