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Spirit of Absinthe in wand style. Also known as Wormwood, this Absinthe is grown by me in my herb garden, lovingly tended. 


These wands are made by me in my own style of wrapping leaves as I go, using cotton sewing thread. This thread burns at the same rate as your wand. 



This is a handmade item and will vary from wand to wand. The sizes listed are approximate. You will be sent one of the wands from the picture.


Sold as one package: 11 small Absinthe wands - various lengths from 3"-8” wands.


Large single Absinthe wands 8-10” long x 1” or more in width.


Be careful, the Artemisias like to burn, so make sure your wand is completely out when you are done burning a section. I dab it out firmly, then blow on it to make sure nothing starts back up. Its always good to make sure you set your partially used wand on a non-flammable surface.

Absinthe Wands

PriceFrom $10.00
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