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Midsummer is the one day of the year where Plants are at their most potent, where the magic of the intense sun is captured in leaves and blossoms. The Plants in the Midsummer Dream Bath Blend were hand gathered by me on Midsummer eve morning just in time include a bit of dew on the Plants, then air dried.


At the end of winter when we find ourselves growing weary, a bit of depression coming in, is when we need the energy of Midsummer the most.


I prefer to take a quick shower to clean, then draw a bath. Use the included re-usable muslin bag to add a tablespoon or two of plants, tie it closed, then add to your bath. Invite yourself to soak in the radiance of Midsummer.


Two sizes available, the 8 ounce tin, shown in the photos, includes a blend of plants with Mugwort, Hypericum, Elder Flower, Rose, Hyssop and many others. The 2 ounce tin has less diverse plants and is mostly Elder Flowers with bits of the other plants. 

Midsummer Dream Bath Blend

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