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Spirit of Mugwort in the flowering stage. This Mugwort is grown by me in my herb garden, lovingly tended. The stems are carefully air dried. The smell of this large area of Mugwort is impactful even if I just walk by. The fragrance comes through best in tea. If you want to make tea start by adding a few leaves or flowers for 8 ounces of water. Mugwort is very bitter, so you probably won't need a lot of plant material.


These flowering tops can be burned, inside of or over top of a plate or bowl to catch any flowers or bits that come off. Mugwort Spirit is a high level cleanser, energetically filling and providing the space for your stated purpose. I talk as I burn, asking Grandmother Mugwort to please help me with dedicating this space. 


To burn for cleansing your body, talk out loud asking her for what you need. Then burn in a bowl, wafting the smoke with your hand or a feather, moving the smoke across and up your body starting with the bottoms of your feet and working your way up to the top of the head. Do the backside of your body too. Or, you may have your own way of doing this.


These are in ounces by weight:

3 1/4 ounce in 2 gallon bag of flowering mugwort tops

2 1/4 ounces in 2 gallon bag flowering mugwort tops

2 ounces in 2 gallon bag of young green flowering tops



Be careful, the Artemisias like to burn, so make sure your leaves/stem/flowers are completely out when you are done burning a section. I dab it out firmly, then blow on it to make sure nothing starts back up. 


See my Instagram for a video on how cutting and using Mugwort plants you grow can increase the production of stems. 

Mugwort Flowering Tops

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