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I refer to this highly concentrated alcohol based preparation as the Spirit of Blue Vervain due to my own energetic process used to bring the essence and magic of this plant into the preparation. Only very small amounts are needed to connect with the magic of this plant.


I suggest sitting in a quiet place, centering yourself and asking the Spirit of Blue Vervain to help you in the way that you need. Then take one drop on the tongue or apply one drop topically on the skin and continue to sit and notice the affect Blue Vervain has on you.


Blue Vervain is a plant to consider reaching out to if you need help with an over active nervous system or great tension in the body.


If you have areas of the body that feel disconnected to you in some way, Blue Vervain may be able to help. The part where you sit quietly and listen and notice, is very important. You may feel some releasing and restoration in your body, and/or you may receive important information about why things are the way they are you. Making this a daily practie for a few weeks, even just 5 minutes of focused time can lead big changes.


Verbena hastata flowers in organic sugar cane alcohol.

Spirit of Blue Vervain

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