Herbal Consultation

Physical Body

Addressing physical symptoms and underlying conditions with herbal medicine is key to unlocking the puzzle box of chronic illness. Herbal medicine may be used as a complement to conventional medicine, or as an alternative approach to healing. Jean is experienced in Western herbalism and uses Tissue State assessments of the Physical Body to understand chronic illness in the context of a whole life.

Gemstone & Energetics

Energetic Body

Jean uses beautiful quartz crystal and gemstones in relaxing meditation sessions to help balance and move energy. As a tool to focus intention for inner healing work, gemstone energetics gently align and prompt emotional awareness and intuition. Through laying gemstones on the body in key energetic patterns, Jean encourages an awakening and reconnection of the Emotional Body.

Service not offered



Spiritual Body

Direct spirit work may be beneficial when chronic illness reaches deeply into the psyche and vital energies, undermining the sense of spiritual security. By exploring the Spiritual Body's energy centers and ancestral inheritance through intuitive investigation, drumming, and sacred smoke ritual, Jean acts as a guide for spiritual reconnection.