Spirit of Place
Land Spirits, Relationship, Healing, and Coming Home.

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Join us for a heart-centered dive into Land Spirit relationships as we open our hearts and shift into a new way of thinking and being.


Learn how to meet the Greats and the Littles of the Land and how to share space with them. We will uncover how to know these Spirits, be in good relationship, resolve old contracts both known and unknown, and form new ones. We will explore what healing looks like and discover what our Ancestral Lands want us to know. This is an experiential class where we will cooperatively meet Land Spirits from both near and far. If you feel this call in your heart to deepen your relationship with the land and the Land Spirits, come join us.

January 12th  - May 4th, Wednesdays from:


5:00-6:45 Eastern

4:00-5:45 Central

3:00-4:45 Mountain

2:00-3:45 Pacific

In addition to our experiential class:

  • one private 30 minute meeting, to be scheduled midway thru the offering

  •  recordings available for each class for a limited time

  •  class discussion forum 


investment $1375 

limited space, registration open until class is full


Jeffrey Rich and Jean Schneider will be your guides in this work. They both bring their diverse experience with land spirit and spirit of place from work within their lineages, through apprenticeships with living masters and teachers and from being in relationship with these beings for many years. They are practitioners and teachers in this sacred work of connection and inter-being.


To apply, please send us answers to these three questions along with a $300 deposit.


  • What brings you here?


  • How do you receive non-physical information and communication? Do you have a meditation, journeying or mediumship practice?


  • Have you connected with land spirit before?


As long as the spirits are willing, we will send you an acceptance e-mail within a few days.