Empowering the intrinsic healing process by reconnecting the Physical, Energetic, and Spiritual Bodies

Three-Body Holism

Whole wellness involves all aspects of our beings; a balance between our physical bodies, our energy centers and our spiritual awareness. In health, these three aspects support each other while acting as distinct Bodies of experience. During chronic imbalances our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies fall out of balance. Modern medicine can offer us allopathic solutions to meet the needs of the Physical Body, but modern culture has little to support the Energetic and Spiritual Bodies. To wholly heal, all three Bodies must heal together.


She is an empowering advocate for health who guides people to rediscover balance in their own Bodies. Fluent in a spectrum of healing modalities, Jean focuses on herbal, mineral-energetic and spirit medicine to facilitate the healing wisdom of our Bodies. 

Client Testimonials

She is able to put together a big picture view of your health and use herbs that will impact, address and encompass your entire health rather than just one ailment. She not only delights in the herbs themselves, but also matching herbs to your constitution. She is attentive to your lifestyle and creates a plan that is actionable and effective.

Her recommendations have helped accelerate my healing both by directly addressing symptoms and by providing a personalized profile of herbs to encourage balance.

We’ve been working together for about 6 months. I’ve noticed a big improvement in gut health and am, through her guidance, becoming more skilled at identifying and using herbs to help as problems arise. Just as important, I am more aware of herbs to avoid in light of my tissue state.

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