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Plant Spirit Psychopomp
* New Winter Date!

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What is a psychopomp?


A conductor of souls or spirits, a being who knows how to guide souls making a transition. The work of a psychopomp is important, not just for the compassionate care of those who’s bodies have died (souls or spirits), but also for the health of those who have living bodies. Our ancestors knew it was important for souls to continue on their path. A persons death experience or life regrets may keep them from continuing on their journey. These lingering spirits can create problems for the living, leading to a host of issues from depression, illness, substance abuse, emotional challenges and thoughts of death. 


In order to care for spirits of the dead, we enter into this sacred and compassionate work of the living human psychopomp (you). Long ago our cultures had people who did this work, as we transitioned into modern life, we find ourselves without the human psychopomps we need.


Since time immortal, land spirits, plant spirits and tree spirits have been trusted psychopomps for the dead. We have relied on these relationships in the past for safe passage, and continue to incorporate plants in our ancestral, funerary and burial practices today, although we might not remember why. Many modern cultures have lost this ancient knowledge, yet, we carry this wisdom of our ancestors in our bones, and can start to remember together.


Join this rare offering of plant spirit psychopomp.


We will explore plants, trees and land in practices from around the world, and enter into experiential work together.


  • Learn how to do this middle-world work and maintain personal sovereignty by being in relationship with key plants and trees. This is especially helpful for those who work in or visit; hospitals, hospice care facilities, cemeteries and for those doing ancestral work. 

  • Connect with the powerful networks of plant, tree and land psychopomps who already know how to aid beings in transition. We will also discuss other types of psychopomp beings and the plants they are connected with.


  • Learn how to identify and help spirits who need to cross a threshold, and how to check on loved ones. Those with fragmented souls or other entanglements may need additional aid.


  • Become familiar with the thresholds beings may need to cross in order to continue on their path.


  • Learn how to care for yourself during and after you do this work.



Pre-requisites: personal stability and experience receiving non-physical information through mediumship or shamanic journeying. The Energetic Structures class is highly recommended but not required to attend. Experience with plant spirit mediumship is helpful but not required for this class.  


This training is for practitioners, health care professionals, those who feel the dead come to them for help, death midwives and death doulas who want to expand their training into after death care and people who already work with plants.. Please have a small clear quartz crystal with you for class.

3 day intensive, live, by video, January 13-15, 2023, each day we will meet:


11am to 5pm Eastern

10am to 4pm Central

9am to 3pm Mountain

8am to 2pm Pacific

*Room for 25 people, registration will close once this is met. I do not know when I will offer this class again.

Registration $450

+16.67 service fee



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