Plant Spirit Apprenticeship

The plants are calling out to us, to come to know them, to accept their friendship and unique medicine for our times. Will you come to apprentice to them? Will you sit and listen to them?


This offering is BIG. It is immersive. It is for those select few that are ready.


Relationships with plant spirit are those that are held dear, and have taken significant amounts of time to develop and are rarely written about in-depth. People who do this work tend to be out of the spotlight, in remote places, in deep relationship with the land. You may be able to study with them, but they cannot reveal the deep secrets of the plant. You must study with the plant for them to be revealed to you.


This is Initiatory Work that Few Have Done

This is an experiential knowing, that is so far beyond our human vocabulary, it cannot be communicated properly to someone who hasn’t apprenticed with the plant themselves. It is a deep knowing of the energy and spirit of this plant being. Many plants demand your attention, intention and respect to reveal the deepest part of themselves and their relationships. They are really no different than we are right? We hold our deep knowings dear too. Revealed only to those we know and trust.

There is an etiquette to working with plant spirit. Each plant is very different to work with and this work requires trusted guides. There will be several guides we work with in developing relationship. 

Why work with plant spirit?

This is not the same as working with plant medicine, constituent medicine. Working with teas and tinctures for health is very far removed from working with plant spirit. You are using a plant, not working with a plant.

When the plants know and trust you, they will do incredible things. One plant will help you to move through a place unnoticed, another helps you find your way home. One offers protection from certain difficult spirits, another plant reveals what is hidden. Plants that can open up our senses and psyche, while we are in relationship with them, can do incredible healing work.

What is Utiseta?


Utiseta is a term from Northern Europe Mystery Tradition (Norse/Icelandic) that refers to the art of “sitting out”. It is a practice of setting aside the thinking mind and connecting to the energy and spirit around us. Using our “Other” senses, our clair senses. Typically this practice was done outside, where a plant or tree is growing and is done for longer periods of time.


Our utiseta won’t involve living in the wild for months. We will come together as a group, into a realm of deep knowing that can be entered and exited as needed. Each time we meet, a new plant will come to teach us. We will enter into a place between here and there, a liminal space of mediumship. After our group work, we will each come into this realm on our own during the week to continue our apprenticeship. Our private discussion group (Thinkific) will facilitate our sharing of the deepening of our knowing from during the week. 


Plan for one to two, 1 hour sessions of utiseta each week with the plant. Its easy to do this by going to bed early or waking up early for one or two days every week, to sit with the plant and listen. We will be discussing our findings together in our chat group, so we are very much in this together in-between classes too!

Utiseta Box with Plant Grimoire


You will be provided with a hand made grimoire to create your own book of plant spirit magic. Your grimoire can become a guide for you in your spirit work practice, when and how to work with each plant. Much of what we learn requires relationship and is not dependent on ingestion of the plant. 


You will be sent a plant spirit apprenticeship box that includes plant material for every plant we will work with. I received very specific instructions from the plants in how to prepare them and what forms we were to work with (liquid, oil, balm, barks, sticks, bundles etc.). A hand-made Plant Grimoire journal is included for you to write your knowings for each plant.


Exclusive Few


Please consider carefully if you are able to commit to this apprenticeship with the plants. It requires time and attention. This apprenticeship is for a select small group of people who are feeling the call of the plants. Do some meditation and journey work on this before applying. Do you feel the plants are calling you to do this? If so, will you make the commitment of time and attention to them?


I ask that you not apply if you will miss more than two of our meetings. Since this is experiential, we all rely on each other to show up. I will provide recordings of our meetings. The on-line discussion group will also be important for us to share with one another in between meetings.




4pm to 7:30pm Central Time 

2pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time

3pm to 6:30 Mountain Time

5pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time

*most days we will be done 30 minutes earlier, but please plan for the entire time allowed.

On the following dates:


Mondays January 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

off one week

Mondays February 8th, 15th, 22nd and March 1st

off one week

Mondays March 15th, 22nd, 29th and April 5th


I highly recommend attending the Boundaries, Protection and Clearing Class or already having these skills. Developed journeying skills and relationship with helping spirits is a must have for this work.


Apprenticeship Includes:


  • Thinkific platform and class chat access. This will be the place for our class notes, videos and discussions will take place. Information on the plants we meet each week, the story of where they came from and what they want you to know before we start our utiseta. You will get access to this when the plants ship to you in December, as there is plant work you need to do before class starts. I will post instructions and a video for your pre-class work.


  • 12 meetings where my colleague, Jeffrey Rich, and I will facilitate a group mediumship with the plant of the week. Recordings will be posted to our platform and expire in one week.


  • You will receive your Utiseta Bundle in December. It includes:


  • a beautiful handmade plant grimoire, which uses an ancient binding technique with leather that allows the book to be flat when opened. Perfect for drawing. 

  • 1-2 plants (dried/wand/tincture) that will be our plant guides for the utiseta, and instructions on how to get started working with them and how to set up a plant spirit altar. You will need to do this before the first class.


  • all 12 plants we will be working with for the utiseta. They will be in various forms (leaves, bundles, wands, tincture…)


  • a handmade dream pillow pouch that you can place plants we are working with on/in


  • -shipping to an address in the United States.

  • We will also be offering two 90 minute video calls in December for us to get to know one another and do any needed prep-work together. 




If you feel called by the plants to join their wonder-filled teachings. Please send me answers to the questions below. As long as the plants are willing, I will send you an acceptance with payment instructions.


-why do you want to join the apprenticeship?

-do you have the time to do this?

-what is your experience with plant spirit? (none is required)

-what is your experience with journeying/mediumship/clare senses?


Investment: $1200 

Plant allies from across the US; New York, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington State and California are coming together. There are a few spots left!  Apply by December 28th if you would like to join us.

Plant Spirit Apprenticeship Utiseta.JPG