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Sovereignty and 
Personal Energetic Structures


Individual sovereignty, is the natural right to decide for yourself what

you want for your body, mind and spirit.

You are a part of the energies you surround yourself with. The people you spend the most time with, the spaces you are in, the energetic fields you work in, the media you watch, the energies you invite in with your thoughts and words. All of these things start to become a part of you. This has been happening on its own. What if you become the conductor of the energies you allow around you? Invite or dismiss energies from staying with you, no matter what physical environment you are in? 


Learn how to take charge of your own energetic structure. 



Knowing and working with our own energetic structure is foundational for personal sovereignty.



We will explore:


Energetic language - understand your unique energetic language

Energetic library - grow your library of energetic signatures you know


Personal energetic structure 

    -understand the structure already there

    - refine and add enhancing layers for resilience

- dismiss and disinvite negative influencing energies


Our own personal energetic structure is the foundation for energetic and spiritual sovereignty. When we are aware of this, we can make informed choices about what we want for ourselves. How do we sense into what might already be there? How do we make changes to this structure? How do we know what might be helpful for us?


We all have unique energetic structures for ourselves. You may already have helping spirits or energies you feel close to, that are making up part of your energetic structure now. The elements and relationships with land can play a role in our energetic structure too. We will learn how to strengthen and enhance what is already there, and be curious about any additions that may be helpful for you.


Just as important, is learning how to dismiss negative influencing energies around us. We may need to be in a difficult environment sometimes, but we can chose how we interact with the environment we are in. 


Experiential work is incorporated into each class, so you can start to work with your personal energetic structure each week. The layering of this work brings in more and more stability as you work with each component.

Register for access to 8 - fifty minute pre-recorded live classes.

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