Jean Schneider

Spirit Worker and friend of the Plant Spirits

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope the following gives you more information about my journey and my practice.




My connection with nature and plants was formed at an early age. I grew up in the country in Southern Wisconsin and had a lot of freedom to roam and discover. I started intuitively connecting with spirits of nature. As a teen I was distracted with other things, forgetting my earlier loves on the land. During college my connection with spirits on and of the land more fully became a part of my life. I studied about the land, the water and the plants for my environmental science and botany degrees. My first jobs out of college took me away from all of this again, into the corporate world of profits and long hours. While the money was good it was not the work of my life.  In 2005, I was brought back to the land, the water and the plants, called by the spirit of the place where I live.



For over a decade I have been teaching classes about spirit work, herbs, plants, trees, spirits of the land, and medicine from the land. How to live more simply and within natures cycles.  How to become a part of nature instead of living apart from it. As a healer, it is important to me to empower people to be a participant and a leader in their own healing path. Most of my classes are focused in this way.


Herbalism and Plant Spirit


I received my formal clinical herbalist training from Red Root Mountain School of Botanical Medicine. I have also extensively studied infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases with many master herbalists. For years my clinical herbal practice was focused on these two diseases. Currently, I am not practicing as a clinical herbalist.


My work with plant spirit has been even older than my formal training as an herbalist. Much of my current healing practice with plants is in the plant spirit and plant magic realm.


Spirit Work


My initiation into this work was over a decade ago with several powerful initiations. My personal practice centered on my own healing and developing relationships in the Spirit realm. After I had worked through many layers of my own healing, I began more intensive training and initiations to become a practitioner and then a teacher in this work. I opened my full-time spirit work and plant practice, Nativa Medica in Madison Wisconsin. I continue to deepen and expand my work.


As a spirit worker, I work with the unseen. The belief that the world is vitally alive and all things have Spirit is a common thread in traditions around the world. One of the most significant aspects of my spirit work practice is based on developing a relationship with the Earth, the Spirits of the land, the Ancestors and other Helping Spirits. I have a deep interest in understanding ancestral stories, lore, traditions and Beings in indigenous cultures, both those of lost traditions and current ones.


I don’t use the words shamanic or shaman very often. I have found these words have inconsistent definitions and perceptions associated with them.




My own ancestry is in the Northern Traditions of Scandinavia, the Norse/Germanic traditions as well as Celtic and Scottish. Through surviving texts and connections in the ancestral and spirit realms, a re-emergence of these traditions have come about. Both my spirit work practice and my plant practice have been influenced by these traditions. I have woven these traditions into my teaching and my healing practice.


My training has been in spirit and energetic work as well as clinical herbalism and plant spirit work. My work spans several mystery traditions where I have been initiated. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for the teachers who have mentored me and helped me to develop a stronger relationship with Spirit. The teachers who have influenced my work the most are Betsy Bergstrom, Matthew Wood, Kathy Eich and the Plant Spirits. My Helping Spirits and the Ancestors continue to guide and teach me along the way.


Teaching Experience


Nativa Medica

Boundaries, Protection and Clearing Work; Sovereignty Part 1

Spirit Work Emergence 6 month series

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Plant Spirit Apprenticeship 

Plant Spirit and the Norse Tradition

Sacred Plants

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Medicine Making

Ceremony for the Ancestors

Managing Your Personal Energy Field

Spirit Drum, Monthly for two years 

Herb Day for Kids

Mentoring for psychologists, practitioners and clients


PBS Wisconsin, Garden & Landscape Expo, Madison WI

Sacred Smoke, Plant Smoke for Cleansing Healing and Ritual

Lyme Disease Infection and Prevention

Olbrich Botanical Gardens, City of Madison, Madison WI

Japanese Knotweed and Lyme Disease

Sacred Smoke, Plant Smoke for Cleansing Healing and Ritual

Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine


University of Wisconsin Madison

Medicinal Herbs and Farming

Wild and Cultivated Medicinal Plants


Herb Day, Southern Wis Chapter of the AHG (American Herbalists Guild)

Plants for Energy Clearing Work


Herb Faire, MHS (Madison Herb Society)

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Wisconsin Retired Educators Association

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Westin A. Price Foundation, Wisconsin Chapter

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Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence

Herbs and Weeds you are Already Growing


Dane County Land & Water Resources Dept.

Lyme Disease Infection and Prevention


Southern Wis Chapter of the AHG (American Herbalists Guild)

Co-Founder of the Chapter, 2016

Various medicinal herb and plant spirit talks 2016-2018


Eco-Action Tuesdays, Monona WI

Preserving Herbs for Medicinal and Culinary Uses


Libraries: Madison, Monona, Waunakee, DeForest, Prairie du Sac, Cross Plains

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Harmony Valley Farm, Viroqua WI

Fall Herb Preservation


Sun Prairie Garden Club Annual Meeting

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Herb Day, MHI (Madison Herbal Institute)

Lyme Disease Prevention and Infection


Herb Collective Gardens, Madison Area Permaculture Guild

Monthly herb walks and talks May through September for 6 years


Madison Area Permaculture Guild

PDC Training (Permaculture Design Certificate) 2013