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Spirit Work

Stream of Consciousness,
 The "Other"

Spirit Work

  • Boundary work - teaching clients how to uphold energetic and spiritual boundaries

  • Restoring lost personal power

  • Attunement

  • Thought form release

  • Unraveling ancestral patterns and trauma

  • Spirit release

  • Energetic relationship work (cord work)​​

  • Body pain - healing spirit and ancestral causes for pain

  • Psychopomp

This work is done by video appointment (Zoom) or over the phone for those without reliable internet access.  All of my work is done over video, as many of my referral clients are on the West Coast, Canada and Europe, so please don't hesitate to make a video appointment. 

Client appointments are typically offered Monday through Thursday.

See the Classes page for current offerings in spirit work classes. I also periodically offer mentorships.

Spirit Medicine Testimonials

Jean’s facilitation was both highly intuitive, heartfelt, and professional...the offering of someone so very highly skilled in all realms. I felt she was able to assess my emotional, physical and spiritual needs all in one session complete with herbal support, emotional support, and bringing a deeper connection between myself and spirit. The transformation I have experienced over last next week has been further testament to the power of her work. So very grateful for practitioners like Jean with this level of integrity and heart.

- A., Whidbey Island, WA

Writing this review makes me realize that you may be the only person who has significantly helped my daughter. She has found more insight through the sessions with you than she has with any practitioner within the medical system…and there have been many!  I’ve long believed there is something residual that she arrived with in this world, something that all the psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, general practitioners, addiction specialists, and therapists of every variety couldn’t or wouldn’t acknowledge.  After years of intensive treatment with almost no progress, to see her gain so much insight with you, even from the first session, fills my mamma heart with hope and gratitude. 

-H., Central WI

Jean, I really appreciate your time and approach and your skill. The sessions we have been really profound. My heart feels so much better. I feel very grateful that you have shared your experience and your allies with me.

-G., Seattle, WA


Thank you so much! I have a deep peace in my body...its been awhile since I felt this way.

C., Alberta, Canada

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