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Boundaries, Protection & Clearing

**This class or the Energetic Structures Class is strongly recommended for the advanced spirit work practice classes, such as Psychopomp and others.


Your body is being informed by your relationships, the energy around you and will feel the loss of the energy you have given away or had taken from you. This can be felt as anxiety, chronic stress or body pain. Learn how to return your lost energy, clear your body and spaces of energy that is not yours and how to protect yourself from energy loss and taking on external energies. We will also work with plants for protection and clearing.


In my spirit work consulting practice, I am often teaching my clients how to take care of their energetic and spiritual bodies. Some need these skills on a daily basis because they are more sensitive or open to picking up energies from other people or spaces. Others find they need help either in certain situations or when they are with certain people. This experiential class is about learning and embodying these skills:


    •    active grounding and energy cycling

    •    how to set energetic boundaries

    •    what to do if a boundary is crossed

    •    clear unwanted energies and attachments from yourself

    •    work with and change energetic relationships with people in your life (cord work)

    ◦    energetic agreements (consciously and unconsciously made)

    ◦    unequal energy exchange

    ◦    an old relationship dynamic that needs to grow and change 

    ◦    when a cord needs to be cut    

    ◦    this work does not involve the other person, only your end of the cord

    •    restore personal power

    •    learn practices that can help you move through your day feeling more power filled, protected

  and in-tune with your true self 

  •    learn how to protect your energy while on video calls, and not feel depleted from them

  • work with plants to assist in clearing and protecting your space and your body

This class is replay of a live class, pre-recorded video.

Includes 5 classes, 90 minutes each. 


To Register go to the Shop here.

For a Live Zoom training for Mental Health Professionals go here.


"This class was so amazing and has already changed my life. I noticed me and my partner have started connecting much better in many ways, much like when we first met, before I experienced a traumatic event that drastically changed our relationship. All my drive and passion for art and creativity has come back, it hasn't been this way since I was 19. I feel grounded and very happy. I feel like my happiness and joy for life is back! and that I have more of a sense of purpose in my life. I liked being able to connect via Zoom and I don't think it hindered my learning at all, or my ability to connect with others. Thank you so much for the class and all your help! I can't wait for part two and additional classes. :)"

"I am really starting to see something out of the effort I'm putting in and I'm incredibly grateful for you and your knowledge!"

"I’m writing to express my gratitude. I really enjoyed your class and I learned so much. I appreciate your clear and concise teaching style; we were able to touch on a lot of different things!"


 "I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and I am sooo grateful for your sharing these ancient practices. So thank you!
 I really got a lot out of this class/workshop. I am very happy with this toolbox. It is proof that DOING the work, is what it takes. Not just knowing, but DOING. Cord work was huge! IS huge! My belly feels so much better already, after cutting the crazy and very damaging cord/s with my family member. I will continue to heal that area, as it is telling me to. But it feels like I have shed bricks out of my belly!"

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