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Boundaries, Protection and Clearing Work, Sovereignty Part 1

**This class is a pre-requisite for the journeying classes and advanced spirit work practice classes, such as Psychopomp and others.

Your body is being informed by your relationships, the energy around you and will feel the loss of the energy you have given away or had taken from you. Many times this is felt as anxiety, chronic stress or body pain. Learn how to return your lost energy, clear your body and spaces of energy that is not yours and how to protect yourself from energy loss and taking on external energies. We will also work with wearable objects of protection and plants that are protective.

In my spirit work consulting practice, I am often teaching my clients how to take care of their energetic and spiritual bodies. Some need these skills on a daily basis because they are more sensitive or open to picking up energies from other people or spaces. Others find they need help either in certain situations or when they are with certain people. This experiential class is about learning and embodying these skills:


  • active grounding

  • how to set energetic boundaries

  • what to do if a boundary is breached

  • energetic attack, how to recognize it and what you can do about it during or afterwards

  • how to clear unwanted energies and attachments from yourself

  • how to work with and change energetic relationships with people in your life (cord work)

    • energetic agreements (consciously and unconsciously made)

    • unequal energy exchange

    • an old relationship dynamic that needs to grow and change 

    • when a cord needs to be cut    

    • this work does not involve the other person, only your end of the cord

  • how to restore personal power

  • learn practices that can help you move through your day feeling more power filled, protected and in-tune with your true self

The March class has already begun. Please stay tuned for the next class series.

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Upcoming Classes

Here are some of the 2020 class that are being scheduled now, as soon as dates are finalized the class will be officially announced here.

Learn to Journey

Spirit Work Emergence Series - The Upper Worlds

Ancestral Healing 

Psychopomp Fall 2020

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Old Norse Tradition and the Spiritual Use of Plants

This tradition spans the Northern Germanic lands of Scandinavia and Iceland. Many of us here in the MidWest have Northern European ancestors. We can feel the pull of our ancestors when we smell a whiff of plant smoke or hear sounds that call to us in a familiar but unrecognized ways. Where do we turn to connect with what is ancient and forgotten? We need look no further than the memories in our bones. I hope some of these offerings of our shared lineages help to awaken and connect you to our plant spirit allies and your ancestors.


Please check back for dates and times as I am confirming them with the venue. 

Take just one class or join in for all of them.


Intro to the Old Norse Tradition 


Much of the Old Norse Tradition has been lost over time due to the conversion and oppression of the people of the land. It’s a repeating story of humanity the world over. Learn what we know of this tradition from the old texts, archeological discovery and story. Reverence for the wisdom of the plants and land spirits is an important part of this tradition. 


Clearing and Cleansing Practices 


Learn about burnable plants and plant washes used to clear places and people of energetic and spirit attachments.  This is an experiential, how-to class where we will discuss, then do some of the work together. You will go home with information on practices and procedures as well as a list of Nordic and local plants and how they clear and clean you and your home and office spaces. You will also leave with a spray bottle of the herbal wash we make in class. (whole plants are used, no essential oils)

Intro to Creating Sacred Space


Creating a container for our practice helps keep us and our work safe from uninvited influences and contains the focused energy of our work. This class is an introduction to creating your work space for your practice and builds upon the clearing and cleansing work from the previous class. Use these skills for home or office.


The Nine Sacred Herbs


From the 11th century manuscript, the Lacnunga, we know the Song of the Nine Sacred Herbs. Learn about the plant spirits of the nine herbs, their World associations and how they might be used in your spirit work practice. We will work with the herbs in class, connecting with the plant spirits. A take-home herb sample will be provided.


Plants for Trance and Travel Work


In this experiential class, we will work with native plants to Wisconsin that are also native to the Norse lands of northern Europe. These common plants, as well as sound, are used for trance/journeying work to travel within the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the nine worlds within it. Yggdrasil corresponds to the shamanistic worlds of the upper, middle and lower worlds. Plants are provided to work with in class and a dried plant sample to take home with you. 


Prior experience with trance or journeying work is helpful but not required.

Lyme Disease Prevention and Infection

The State of Wisconsin is in the top 5 most infected states with Lyme Disease.  Half of all ticks in endemic areas carry Lyme Disease.  Lately, every year seems like a “bad tick year”.  How do we prevent our families and pets from getting an infection?  Prevention is key!  When there is a tick bite what should we do?  How can you find out if you have a Lyme Infection?  Most tick-borne infections are difficult to test for and produce false negatives. 

Join us for an hour-long exploration of Lyme Disease, tick-borne infections, how to prevent these infections and what to do if you get an infection.  According to the CDC, this is reaching epidemic levels with more than 25,000 new reported cases of disease every month!

No talks are schedule at this time.

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Contact Jean to schedule a talk for your group.  Free talks can be arranged for non-profit organizations.  Custom and private class can be scheduled for a fee.  Contact me for more information.

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Class Testimonials

Thank you for this past spirit work class Jean! I really loved your approach to teaching this type of work. It is difficult to find someone who can teach a class with both newbies and those with more experience. Thank you for being so open to everyone's questions, acknowledging where everyone was at and being so authentic. It felt like a wonderfully safe space. I was happy to find you! 

I just wanted to extend my gratitude for last night's ancestor's ritual.  It was wonderful to be in circle with others again, and I had a wonderful journey experience.  Thanks for all the work you did to make that happen.

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