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Personal Mini-Mentorship

Having living human teachers has been an important part of my spirit work practice over the last 10 years. While taking classes certainly expands your practice, the one-on-one mentorships with a teacher can tailor and expand your learning in ways a class never will. No matter where you are at in your practice, a total newbie or a full-time professional, a customized mini-mentorship can help you dive deeper into areas you need support in.


Mini-mentorships can combine instruction with personal healing, based on your needs. This is all about you and what you need right now. For many, the massive shifts and changes in our society have allowed for parts of us that need tending, to be broken open and revealed to us. If you are feeling this right now and know the mentorship feels right to you, but there isn’t a specific topic you want to work on, thats ok.

The mentorship is directed by you and the purpose you set forth, even if it’s a broad one. This will be the foundation. You will need to do work outside of our meetings and correspondence. There will be homework. I want to work with people who are committed to their mentorship. So, please spend some time considering if you are willing to spend time on this.  Be honest with yourself.


I will be working outside of our meetings and correspondence, setting up the framework of our work together.  This includes holding space for your learning. This is another difference between attending a class and doing a mentorship.


To start our mentoring, we will set up three meetings, spaced 2 weeks apart. If you want to continue with another three session package, there is a reduced cost. There are a limited number of mentorship spots available. There may be times I am not offering any mentorships depending on the demands of my schedule.


Some ideas of what we could work on:

  • feeling broken open, not sure where to start, we can work with finding what needs tending first

  • journey or your ability to connect with the spirit realm

  • more deeply connect with your spirit allies

  • ancestral healing

  • explore healing your body pain

  • working with repeating patterns in your life or family

  • learning more about healing with plant spirits

  • connect with land spirits where you live or those connected with your ancestry

  • cultivation of personal power

  • work within the Old Norse/Northern Tradition, plant spirits, gods

  • cord work, the energetic connections to family and friends

  • learning spirit work you can do around your business: business goals, protection, manifestation work etc.

Getting started: Energetic set up of our relationship, foundational work based on your mentorship purpose, three 90 minute meetings over video, spaced 2 weeks apart (or other arrangement made prior to the start of the mentorship), follow-up questions answered in-between meetings by e-mail. I may send you written materials or book recommendations.


Getting started package: Not offered at this time.


Continuing work: after the initial getting started package, our foundational work has already been done and will be maintained while we continue to work together. For this reason, I require that there is a break of no longer than two weeks before we start the continuing work package. Three 90 minute meetings over video, spaced 2 weeks apart (unless arrangements have been made prior to start of the package), follow-up questions answered in-between meetings by e-mail.


Continuing work package: Not offered at this time.

Contact me for an application and payment link.

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