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A powerful blend of Plants and Dead Sea salts for energetic clearing of the body in a "spirit bath". This bath of sorts works best if you clean your body first, then use the already prepared pitcher of spirit bath to clease your body along with your dedication.


What is a "spirit bath"? An ancient way of cleansing and dedicating the action of the bath to something. This is usually a spiritual practice or a religious one. The spirit bath is a special water plus a heartfelt dedication.  


This preparation can be made to cleanse and clear your body in the shower or bath and you can make this for a spray bottle to clear a physical space. 


Instructions are included in the bag. You will need hot water and a heat proof container (a plastic pitcher with a handle works well) to make the spirit bath water. Contains approximately 1 cup of spirit bath. Each bath will use 2-6 tablespoons of the spirit bath, its up to you how potent of a preparation you need. 

Clear and Protect Spirit Cleanse

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