Herbal Consultation

Initial Consultation Package ($125 – 1.5-2 hours)

Health assessment and advising. Clients meet with Jean either in-person or over video call for a conversation about their health history and healing goals. Discussing options of services, Jean and the client create a plan for re-balancing health that fits the individual.


  • Client 'homework' – before the appointment, clients fill out consultation introduction forms and health history and send to Jean

  • 1-2 hour review of client consultation forms prior to appointment, by Jean

  • 1.5-2 hour in-person appointment

  • 20 minutes of follow-up time answering questions over the phone after the appointment


Follow-up Consultations ($60 per hour)

    Meeting in the consultation room, or over phone or Skype.

Quick Questions and Mini-consultations ($30-$60)


Herbs (Cost of herbs are not included in the consultation fees.)

Jean blends herbal teas and tinctures as well as herb-infused oils and salves specifically for individual clients; these are available for purchase during and following consultations.

Gemstone & Energetics Session

Gemstone Energetic Full-Body Pattern ($90 – 1.5 hours)

Energetic and chakra balancing using gemstones.  Clients lay fully clothed on a massage table and relax while Jean makes an energetic assessment and places gemstones specific to the re-balancing on and around the body. Includes energetic extractions as needed. This is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Spirit Medicine

Spirit Assessment & Healing Work ($170 for 2 hour session)

Spiritual re-balancing through intention and ritual. Jean may use sound (rattles, drumming), smudge (aromatic herbal smoke) for spirit healing.  Video appointments are available for most types of work, please inquire.

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Located on the North side of Madison, WI

in Token Creek near the headwater springs of the Madison chain of lakes,

ancestral lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

3919 Gray Road, DeForest, (by appointment only)

(608) 513-0016


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