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Spirit Drum



This monthly drum for the community as been going for the past 2 years. Currently there are no spirit drum nights scheduled, but please check back as I anticipate doing more seasonal drum ceremonies. 

Thank you all for your support for having the drum nights these last 2 years!


 The Drum - What to expect

Drumming has been a part of our ancestral heritage the world over.  Cultures all over the Earth have used the drum in their everyday lives.  The call of the drum is unmistakable and awakens something ancient and ancestral within us.  It quiets the thinking brain and makes room for experiencing what exists outside of us.  The drum beat is the pulse, the heart of the universe and helps us connect with and understand the mystery and power and the Spirit in all things.  The drum produces a highly concentrated focus, causing the thinking brain to slow down into a trance-like state.

During Spirit drumming sessions, the focus will be on the experience of listening and feeling the vibrations of the drums.  The beat of the drum is used to create states of expanded consciousness using a repetitive sound ranging from 180-220 bpm. I drum closer to the 180bpm.  This state of consciousness is relaxing and meditative.  


I will be holding space and drumming for you.  If you already have a practice using the sound of the drums you can do that.  For others this may be a first experience with something like this.  It is not necessary to have any experience at all to join.  Some ideas of what you can do while you listen to the drum:


  • intuitive dreaming/investigation

  • journeying

  • trance

  • meditation

  • or just close your eyes and listen and feel the healing drum vibrations


This won’t be a teaching session and there won’t be a lot of discussion about your journeys/trance work.  


What to expect for our time together:

  • Arrive and receive sacred smoke for yourself, create our space

  • Introduction 

  • Introduction from each of you, what brought you here

  • I will be drumming and holding space for all of you for 2 journey/trance sessions.  You may sit or lay down during the drum. There will be a break in between sessions.


Some suggestions of what to bring with you (or just bring yourself thats fine too!):

  • notebook and pen to journal with if you wish

  • a blanket or meditation cushion if you want one

  • water bottle

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