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Plant Spirit Series

How this Series Was Born


I have been working with plant spirit for over a decade. During this time I have cultivated deep relationships. The plants teach with me. For two years I knew these classes were coming, and were almost ready to emerge. There is a big shift in our world right now. We need plant spirit relationship now more than ever. They feel it and so do we.


Working for the plants this spring and summer has profoundly enhanced my life and has been a huge undertaking for me. I had ideas of the plants I wanted to include. Many were ones I grew and would be easy to harvest. It became clear early on, that I was not choosing the plants for this class. They were. I wasn't choosing the plants, they were choosing me. 


I am putting this together and facilitating these introductions for the plants to teach you. 

The first class I am offering in the series, is the Plant Spirit Apprenticeship.

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The Plants Found Me


So, finally I stopped looking for the plants, and started listening for them. One day I was called out to the Baraboo Bluffs by the plants, “NOW, today is the day to come”. So I dropped everything and went. Not sure what I was harvesting. Surely it would only take a few hours…or half the day.


I started carrying my tools with me wherever I went. I never knew when some stranger would offer me plants. 


A client, and plant lover, called. She had this beautiful native medicine plant growing all over her pasture, and thought of me. Would I like some? She was planning to harvest it today. She lives over an hour away. After carefully harvesting it, she dropped them off on my front porch. 

I was tabling at an event, a woman came up to me and told me the story of a magical tree she visits. She just thought I should know about it. Gave me detailed instructions on how to find this tree and when it liked to be visited.

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Developing Relationship

Working with plant spirit many times requires an introduction. Or, spending a large amount of time with a single plant. Some plants just might not like you, or are offended easily, or need something in particular from you in order to study with them. That doesn't necessarily mean you can't work with them. 

In the Apprenticeship you will meet Plant Spirit Guides who will teach you and introduce you to the plants we will work with. Through working with them over the winter, you will be initiated into the art of working with plant spirit. You will also learn how to work with an intermediary for plant spirits you are finding difficult to work with.

Grimoires for the Immersive Apprenticeship 


Journals were needed. They needed to be special, hand made by someone special. Oh my, where would I find that?! Crazy enough, a woman in France made our plant grimoires. The plants wanted us to have an exceptional book to record the magic they teach us.

Read More about the Apprenticeship here

How do I Get These Delicate Plant Bits to You?

Oh my, how will I get all of these delicate bits of carefully tied and dried plants to everyone? That had been a consideration when I thought I was in charge of the class. Once I realized I wasn’t, I just did what the plants wanted and forgot about getting them to all of you. Specialty packaging is what is needed. 

I never knew I would be delighted to spend 4 hours rolling and tying sets of tree leaves, or 6 hours twisting and tying plants into delicate wands. And this after spending most of the day harvesting them! Then laying them all out and drying them slowly over days or weeks only to have to borrow a tower of tins to carefully store them.

Registration information

These offerings are from the plants themselves, to be initiated into their teachings. Will you join us?

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